Grownups Play “Tag” Too – The Paintball Challenge

Most of us still remember playing “tag”. This game belonged to those fun filled years we spent while we were still very young. As we grow up, we lose a lot of the things and stuff that we were able to do as kids. Fortunately, playing “tag” is not one of them. For adults, we play “tag” using paintball gun. In paintball, we tag other players (our competitors) with paintballs that shoot off from our guns. Once hit, just like in tag – then the other player is taken out of the game. Fortunately, the paint capsules that we use as “bullets” are water soluble, and will guarantee that one will not go around wearing green skin, or red hair. This game can be played anywhere – you can have a specific indoor area set aside for this thing, or maybe even outdoors. The important thing is – there should be lots of space. Just like kids playing tag, playing with paintball requires movement and dodging away from gelatin bullets, and there is also a lot of opportunities to hide from the “enemies” who are stalking us.

Aside from being a fun sport that can be played individually or with a group, paintball can also be a good mock battle between teams in a military drill and is also used as a more humane way of providing security response to “riots” or anything that needs non-lethal apprehension for the suspects. It’s funny when we realize that we may become mature over the years, but things remain essentially the same.